Greetings, everyone! I'm Tsubomi Hanasaki, a fifteen year old girl who attends Myoudu Academy. Together with my friends, Erika, Itsuki, and Yuri, we protect the Heart Tree and the Earth from those who seek to harm them. But when we're not doing that, we're just simple students.

I might not be the strongest Precure there is, but I'll do my best!

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Okay so here’s an update.

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"Um, excuse me miss? I think you dropped this!"



"Oh?" A timid voice coming from behind her caught the woman’s attention, and she turned to survey to teenager curiously. 

Spying the familiar fan in her hands, a relieved smile grace her porcelain countenance, and she stepped forward to convey her gratitude. 

"Thank you very much, young lady. This is…something very dear to me." She rested her hand on the crown of the younger girl’s head, moving downwards to cup her cheek gently. 

"May I ask your name?" 

"Yes, you," Hakuei teased, unable to resist tweaking her chin playfully, the same way she had to her brother so many years ago. She seems so shy, even more so than Kougyoku. I wonder if she’d ever been bullied, as she was…It’s really none of my business, though, and the memories must be painful. Then again, I could be simply overthinking it. She may just have a bashful nature. "They’re true as well," she added, smiling at the waitress as she delivered their menus. Perhaps I’ll order a milkshake and run an extra mile tomorrow. 

"Thank you," she chuckled bashfully, a slight flush tinting her cheeks at the sincere praise. "I’m  head of the negotiations department. Being the only girl can prove to be troublesome on occasion, but I enjoy it very much. What is it that you’d like to do, Tsubomi-chan? Something with flowers, perhaps?" 

"T-thank you." Tsubomi stammered again, even though she had just said these words only moments ago. Ah, she just couldn’t get used to this sort of thing, no matter how hard she tried!

The head! Such an important role… she wondered what someone so important was doing in little Kibougahana. Unless she was here for the flowers or for Fairy Drop, there wasn’t really much going on in their small city, at least not business wise. Of course, Tsubomi might be wrong about this- it wasn’t exactly like she had any cause to be involved in that sort of thing.

"Um, yes, I would love to do something with flowers in the future. I’m just entirely certain as to what I want to do with them just yet…"


 ”So many!” The newly minted magical girl exclaimed, relieved to find out that she wouldn’t have to lean on Blossom as much as she’d anticipated. “Even your grandmother? She must be incredibly strong!” A Precure older than her! Perhaps they could meet and discuss the responsibilities of the title. 

"I’d be very pleased to meet the as well," she concurred, lightly touching her booted feet to the ground. Her knees nearly buckled; it felt odd, after levitating for so long. “I’m feeling a bit old myself, fighting next to someone as young and beautiful as you, Blossom." She smiled sheepishly, resisting the temptation to fiddle with her lacy skirt. Transforming had been simple enough; changing back was giving her some trouble. 

"Yes! My grandmother is the legendary Cure Flower!" Blossom said with pride, a bright smile on her face as she spoke of the woman. “She and her partner Coupe accomplished amazing things together… I really look up to her!”

Landing on the ground in front of Crystal, Blossom jumped a little as the older woman stumbled, and reached out to help her- only to let out a slight sigh of relief when she steadied herself on her own. Her next words, however, caused the girl to fluster again, and she shook her head. “N-no, you’re very beautiful yourself, Crystal!”

"That’s right ~desu!" Blossom’s cape spoke again, before transforming into a small fairy. Chypre floated over towards the new Precure, her eyes shining. “I’m Chypre ~desu! I’m Blossom’s partner ~desu!”

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"Good evening, Tsubomi!"



"Ah, Yuri-san, good evening!" Tsubomi beamed at the older girl, looking pleased to see her. “Are you taking a break from studying?”

"You’re right. Heart Flowers aren’t the only things that are that mysterious. A simple dandelion can mean a lot to some people."

Yuri finished watering the last squares of the plantation of purple flowers, and looked around the garden again. Looking for other plants that needed to be taken care of.

"Some of the Agave’s leaves are wilting. Do you think we should trim them off? Such a rare plant, I wouldn’t want to damage it…"

Tsubomi made the remark about the cacti, and how strange it was some plants had to be taken care of completely differently.

"Well, I guess the plants just adapt to the climate as time goes by. It probably took cacti a few dozen years to evolve into something that could survive in a desert like that. I haven’t seen many of them, even in your grandmothers garden, but I can tell you that the flowers that bloom on cacti are really beautiful."

Yuri smiled, as she continued to stare at the Agave. There can be life and beauty even in the harsh climate of a desert. How many lives could have been spared if that one selfish boy had realized that?

She quickly forgot that she even was thinking about that when she heard Chypre making little “Chuu” noises as she was sharing a drink with Coupé. Coupé himself wasn’t drinking, though. The bottle of Full Milk had just been left on his head.

"That’s true!" Tsubomi beamed, nodding her head. Of course Yuri would understand!

Her smile quickly turned into a frown however, when Yuri mentioned the Agave’s leaves. Putting a hand to her chin in thought, she tried to recall what her grandmother had said about it… “Let’s see… I’m not quite sure. But I can always call grandmother later this afternoon and ask for her advice. I’m sure she would know exactly what to do.”

Tsubomi caught the brief looked that flickered across Yuri’s face, and her smile faltered even more. Yuri was really doing her best, wasn’t she? Tsubomi couldn’t help but be worried about her, to be honest. Was she just trying to look strong in front of everyone?

"Yuri-san, are you really alright?"

The question slipped out unbidden, and Tsubomi looked a little startled when it did.