Greetings, everyone! I'm Tsubomi Hanasaki, a fifteen year old girl who attends Myoudu Academy. Together with my friends, Erika, Itsuki, and Yuri, we protect the Heart Tree and the Earth from those who seek to harm them. But when we're not doing that, we're just simple students.

I might not be the strongest Precure there is, but I'll do my best!

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Your comments about the Happiness Charge Cures' Innocent forms?

"I think they’re quite pretty!" Tsubomi says rather brightly. “It really shows that the four of them have become a wonderful team now.”

If I were from the press and I ask you about uh, your life before becoming a Cure, what would be your response?

"I would be rather worried that you knew I was a Precure to begin with…" Tsubomi frowned a little, looking more than a bit concerned.

Maybe she should call the police?

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The noise that escapes Hime is the equivalent to a squawking chicken.


"W-W-WHAT?!" She exlaimed, looking everywhere but Tsubomi’s face.

Her eyes were wide, nervousness prominent as she began inching away from the pig-tailed girl. She slipped up, allowed herself to get too comfortable because they shared an interest in fashion, and now she’s been found out?! Normally she was better at hiding things when it came to her true identity, especially after the reveals Megumi gave to Seiji and Miyo Masuko. Beginning to sweat bullets, Hime was more than ready to make a run for it… she had a better chance of avoiding Tsubomi for the rest of her life if she ran.

But… wouldn’t that be rude of her? To abandon a new friend who hadn’t… done any wrong—it was more her mistake than anything, so…

"P-Precure? H-hahaha… w-what’s that, Tsubo—oh!

In her haste, the PreChan Mirror slipped from her pocket and clattered to the ground.

It wasn’t like Tsubomi was some kind of great detective or anything, but given Hime’s reaction, you didn’t really need to be to figure out the truth.

And when she did, her eyes almost lit up. To think that she would not only make a new friend, but become friends with someone else who was a Precure! What were the odds?

Of course, the first thing she had to do was calm Hime down, since she seem to be panicking more than a little at the moment! Resolved to do just that, Tsubomi leaned down, carefully picking up her PreChan Mirror, and handing it back to the girl with a gentle smile.

"It’s okay, Hime-chan!" Tsubomi reassured her, reaching into her own bag with her free hand, pulling out her Heart Perfume. “Me too.”



"Isn’t it just?" Hime exclaimed cheerfully, selecting a bottom half PreCard she thought was absolutely perfect to go along with the top. There were so many choices to pick from, but there was something about this combination that felt just right. “And with this skirt and stockings combo… it’s perfect, don’t you think?” With that, she pointed the cards in Tsubomi’s line of vision, more than confident with her choices but was eager to hear the other girl’s opinions. It was always good to get ideas from others, especially from a fellow fashionista like herself!

Her eyes twinkled as she awaited Tsubomi’s answer, but in that time she also realized a question has been asked about the cards.

"Oh! They’re called PreCards, actually!" 


"I’ve got a whoooooole set of them, and all I need to do is put two and two together—like this—and then put ‘em in the PreCha—" She paused upon the realization that she was absentmindedly taking her PreChan Mirror out as if Tsubomi knew about her identity as Cure Princess. Laughing nervously, she stuffed the mirror back into her pocket. 

"A-Actually, I just… um, collect them! Yeah!" 

Tsubomi found herself nodding along to Hime’s coordination, a sparkle clear in her eyes, for the moment, her wonder about the cards themselves forgotten. Perhaps it would have stayed that way if Hime hadn’t heard her earlier question, and what’s more, hadn’t basically shot herself in the foot while answering it.

"Pre?" Tsubomi blinked a little, letting out a small gasp of shock as Hime pulled out her PreChan Mirror. Of course, she didn’t recognize the device itself- but at the same time, it looked strangely familiar. There was something about it that reminded Tsubomi a lot of some of the other Precure groups’ transformation devices.

And that prefix… could it be?

"Um, Hime-chan, I hope I’m not asking anything weird here… but are you perhaps a Precure?"


Yuri nodded. “Well then, let’s go there. Maybe we’ll meet with her on our way here.”

So both girls started to walk. Neither of them talking for a few minutes. The silence didn’t seem to bother Yuri. She kept looking forward. A content smile on her face.

Eventually, Tsubomi started to talk, about some news she got from Olivier and Salamander. Yuri turned her head toward her.

"Venice? In Italy? Oh, this must be a really lovely place to visit. I’ve seen many photographs of this place, and it really do look peaceful. Not to mention that the shores are covered with a wide diversity of flowers."


"I sure hope Olivier is loving it there, and is making some lovely memories. I hope we’ll see him again soon."

Honestly, it was a comfortable silence between the two of them. It was the sort of thing that would doubtlessly have made Erika antsy, had she been there- but Tsubomi liked the silence, just as well as she liked speaking to Yuri.

"Yes!" Tsubomi nodded her head. “He said he was taking some pictures to send to us in his next letter, so I’m looking forward to that! Of course, that will mean more of the Baron’s pictures too…” Tsubomi trailed off then, apparently recalling some of the previous photographs the Baron had sent them.

Like his taste in souvenirs, the Baron’s taste in photographs was… quite interesting. Combined with the fact that he couldn’t use the camera well in the first place, it made for some really interesting results.

"B-but Olivier told me that the Baron is getting better at using the camera lately!"



"A student council member, huh." Hime trailed off, thinking back to the few times she has seen the student council around school. Her eyes widened, and she slammed her fist against her open palm when an idea came to her. "I know the Student Council President… at least, we spent the day before the cultural festival putting posters around the school! If I ask him, he’d probably know a lot more about these things than I do, that’s for sure!"

She nodded knowingly, a smile that could only be described as “pleased with one’s self” etched along her face as she returned a grin to Tsubomi.

"Megumi and Yuyu would join if I asked, and maybe Seiji if I dragged him along—and hm, others… and advisor… that shouldn’t be too hard!" 


In her excitement, she shuffled through the PreCards she had brought along with her, listing off possible designs for a future club.

"I’m sure that he would be more than happy to answer your questions!" Tsubomi nodded her head at Hime’s idea, her bright smile still on her face. This girl was really nice! She was really glad that she had been able to meet her!

Megumi, Yuyu, and Seiji? Tsubomi guessed those were her other friends. She giggled a little at the second name- it must have been a nickname, and it was quite cute!

However, when she brought out the Precards…

"What are those?" Tsubomi asked, peering at them in curiosity- before quickly noticing something apparently far more important. “Oh, this top is cute!”