Greetings, everyone! I'm Tsubomi Hanasaki, a fifteen year old girl who attends Myoudu Academy. Together with my friends, Erika, Itsuki, and Yuri, we protect the Heart Tree and the Earth from those who seek to harm them. But when we're not doing that, we're just simple students.

I might not be the strongest Precure there is, but I'll do my best!

(Independent roleplay blog for Tsubomi Hanasaki/Cure Blossom from Heartcatch Precure. I will roleplay with almost any fandom, as well as OCs.)
(M!A Status- None.)
I track the tag gentleblossom
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"Is the Tsubomi I know was like this? I remember the real Tsubomi is really shy but honest, kind-hearted, polite and gentle, unlike your recent expression. And since your friend was a Dark Cure, I guess you count it as a PreCure. But seriously. did a PreCure kill the enemy? Like she killing your friend, but almost?"

((OOC: Good job Blaze. You reached the point in your utterly pointless asks in which they stop becoming even vaguely entertaining in their stupidity and become downright unbearably terrible. I’m not giving you a reply to this shitfest. Especially given that YOU play the most horrendously OOC Tsubomi I have ever seen- and for what, for bullying a 14 year old girl? What is WRONG with you?

No. I’m done with. Northa’s done with you. Reika and Naiya and Kokoro and all of my other muses are DONE with you. I’m pulling the plug on any future interactions. You are the worst roleplayer I have ever seen, and I am within my rights to refuse to play with you because of this.


Do not contact me again.))